CoWork to Profit & happiness

In today’s modern world growing companies face a challenging situation of demand of skilled employees and on the other hand employees too are more oriented to use smart skills that can save their time and energy.

This challenge and adaptations developed during recent times is beneficial for employer and employees and there seems to be a greater understanding developing between the two and Employers has come forward to support the employees to keep their mindset positive and keep mental stress at bay.

One of the most profound change to achieve this synergy of acquiring talent and retaining them is achieved by shifting their facility to Smart offices which helps employees to remain active and productive and is also budget friendly for employers.

Such offices have already brought a change in the arena of Real Estate and is termed as Co-working offices.

In a coworking offices the companies get to collaborate to other people or companies that help them stay motivated by seeing others performance and motivation. It acts as a resonating factor where interaction with talented pool of people help induce more ambitious targets as well.

Cowork offices are ready to move in and takes away all the burden of a company right from maintenance to security and electricity to internet that too at a lower cost.

This paradigm shift of office culture is adopted by big companies like GE, Instagram etc and have set an  example for budding start ups who  now purely focuses on having their office at a cowork facility.

There are many cowork companies like Behive,WeWork,SmartWorks that has done exceedingly well to develop centres that are keeping companies more happy and productive.

One such company Nukleus (cowork and coplay )is doing great in Noida sector 142 (along Noida Expressway) as it provides lot of value added services like business support , networking and funding opportunities, vibrant theme based office space and recreational zone at affordable prices.

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