Co-working:Making World a better place.

“How co-working can have a positive impact on the world.”

“Ikigai” Japanese secret of longevity and happiness.

Humanity has always strived to develop principles and places where social ,religious and economic diversity can co-exist carrying their individual Journeys alongside building a sustainable community together. 

This effort has seen some significant progress when we look at how civilizations has developed in past but it’s a paradox as it has also brought a lot of stress and wars within and between different races based on their different point of views in various dimensions.

I want to take an example here of a place called Auroville in, Pondicherry,  South India which is a place that accommodates people from over 50 countries living together and adding enormous amounts of value to the community.

Such places where different cultures thrive together adding value to each other life is something the whole world has always praised & welcomed.

One of the famous Japanese lifestyle illustrated in the book “Ikigai” thrives in ogimi,Okinawa and the people living there are classified as one of the most happy and healthy. The most profound reason of the Japanese secret of long and happy life is attributed to the word “community” in the book.

So if we are to learn and adapt to some of the best practices it could be summed up in two word “Diversity” and “community”

Coworking Spaces, I believe, definitely encompasses these two qualities, in fact, the success of the business model lies in it’s ability to put diversified talented human resources under one roof. This way of conducting business has unleashed a better way to be happy and productive at workplace that definitely is enhancing the quality of life.

I feel coworking spaces and co-workers can bring much beyond the productivity, collaboration and cost effectiveness as everybody knows, this work culture can really transform an individual to a level where one is more tolerant, more accommodative, more sensible and most importantly more Joyful.

The community programs, the networking events is kinda extra-curricular at workplaces that brings out the dimension of the individuals which otherwise remain dormant at conventional work places.

It’s researched and documented that when our inner being is at ease our outer world is at peace , coworking has combined practices of productive business models alongside developing mindful techniques and thus creating torch bearers of a better world.

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