Post Covid-19: How Flexible Workspace can contribute to the Businesses?

The entire world is currently going through unprecedented challenging times where each industry is hugely  impacted. Be it a small set-up or an established MNC everybody is brain-storming various permutations and combinations to find ways to continue work and make it more sustainable and safe as the uncertainty continues.

 Co-working office space would definitely be preferred over by more and more number of companies majorly because of it’s flexibility and modern facilities which otherwise is expensive or not available in conventional set-ups. The core of co-working which lies in the word “community” is also quickly adapting to new methods where Hygiene & Social Distancing would be practiced as per protocol to conduct meetings, events and important community building activities.

The major disruptions in few sectors where the companies have gone dormant would be looking forward to new avenues which could be in AI, ML, DataScience, E-Commerce,LMS and other new emerging technologies and the young talent pool in form of Start-ups and freelancers are already a part of co-working ecosystem. So no wonder that investments from other sectors would be a routine-thing and  the benefits which comes along with flexible workspaces can be capitalized.

Another major advantage which is direct savings of hefty rents as co-working spaces provide daily /weekly and monthly options which can be opted as per dynamic requirements. This will certainly be an immediate motivation to start the operations and also for the expansion.

A recent survey conducted by co-worker has taken insights from hundreds of industry experts and many of them very clearly gives co-working a big thums-up in near future.

“Companies are thinking about decentralization of work, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. Compulsory work-from-home or opting for a nearby coworking space may be an eye-opener for corporates.” -Founders Cube, India ( Source :Coworker )

“It could have a positive effect now that companies know that their staff can actually work outside the office and still be productive. The only reason now to go to work is to see other people and socialize. Maybe companies will invest less in offices and furniture, but more in the work environment quality and surroundings.” –La Station, Rimouski, Canada ( Source:Coworker)

The graph  curve of coworking will be  V-shaped and the short and steep downfall will soon be changed to a rapid rise as it already offers lot of solutions for the challenges companies facing due to Corona virus.
Nipun Gupta (Nukleus Cowork & Coplay)

One of the articles published in Forbes goes on explaining why co- working will be more important due to covid-19.

Considering all the factors the future is not only good for flexible space operators but for overall businesses as its diversity, adaptability and affordability will help create a speed that is essential for a Re-start !!!

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