Happy News :Predictive analysis suggests growth for co-working

As the world starts to unlock slowly after experiencing the peak of covid in most of the countries people are now coming back to the basics with safety modification.
In fact world has come to a realization that we all need to get going along with the covid and similar threats as halting for long has its own dreadful consequences.

The new normal is keep safe & keep going

Almost all the industries suffered major setbacks and for co-working it was a kind of complete breakdown during lock down and there were many news that surfaced post lock down stating that WFH will take over the office culture.Though many people had a very clear vision that office culture especially co-working will always stay and in fact is the way to business well being.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella warned that making remote work permanent could have serious consequences for social interaction and mental health for workers as virtual video calls cannot replace in-person meetings. This was said when a lot of companies declared WFH for quite a substantial amount of time.

In-person interaction is integral for healthy Business ecosystem

Take a  look at the results of a survey by Real Estate consultancy JLL’s titled “Home and away”

  1. More than 80% of the surveyed Indian office employees said they miss working from office due to lack of interaction
  2. More than 60% of the surveyed worldwide office employees said they miss socializing.

The CEO of Adecco, one of the world’s largest employment agencies, quoted social proximity is critical to personal development and fostering a corporate culture.He added to his thoughts by saying “Remote work is creating a social distance that we should not have”.

Now the latest research reports has revealed a promising comeback for coworking and flexible office culture with a strong sense of sustainability.
(source : Cushman & Wakefield & Coworker)

Few of the important pointers of the reports

  1. Only 15% of employees from 90 companies in Singapore said they want to continue working from home all the time.
  2. Data from Workthere’s third sentiment survey shows that enquiries for flexible office space across Europe have almost tripled in the months from April to July as confidence returns to the market and many countries come out of lockdown
  3. Office Evolution, one of the fastest growing coworking operators in the U.S., opened nine new locations in the first six months of 2020.
  4. A major coworking trend prior to COVID-19 was the move to attracting more corporate users. In the current environment, many providers are placing even more emphasis on signing corporations to “enterprise” locations. These users tend to take more space than freelancers or smaller entities, and they and sign longer leases, making a greater commitment to the location and offering more financial stability to providers.
  5. A 2020 workplace survey found that 20% of corporate workers used coworking space at least one day a week, an increase from 14% in 2019.11 Their use of the space was in addition to their primary workplace, and access to an alternative office space had a positive impact on their job performance. Working closer to home also has the benefit of allowing employees to spend less time on public transit and cut back on commute times.

All these reports suggest a definite growth pattern for the coworking and with all the spaces following safety protocols it becomes a combination to combat loneliness, low productivity and vulnerability to threats.

Nukleus ( co-work & co-play ) at Noida has taken all the necessary steps to ensure top level safety of the people at the premises. Deep sanitization of the space, complimentary vehicle sanitization, immunity booster tea and a welcome safety kit to ensure well being of the people.

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